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FAQs – Key West Bar Card

The Card is good for First-Round-Only?

Correct. One 2-for-1 cocktail per bar, once per day, for the individual Cardholder only.

If I buy a Card on-line, how quickly will I receive the Bar Card?

We recommend you plan for approximately 5 business days. We fulfill Bar Cards orders, first class mail, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings. If your headed to Key West, Florida too soon, check out our pick up option below.

Can I use it to get, say, a beer for me and a glass of wine for my partner?

No, the Bar Card must be 2-for-1 of the same drink* to the cardholder only. *Some bar may do equal or lesser value drink BOGOs.

Where can I purchase the Bar Card in Key West?

You can order online, and put:
2 Cents Restaurant, 416 Appelrouth Ln, Key West 33040
for the pick up on your order and we will leave them at the bar at the restaurant. We fulfill orders every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings. 2 Cents is 1/2 block off the 500 block of Duval Street, right downtown Key West and you’ll be able to use the card at the bar too!

Other retail locations include:
Coffee Plantation, 713 Caroline Street (open 7a-6p)

Island Dogs, 505 Front Street (open 9a-12a)
[and you can use your card at the bar!]

Key West Cigar Club, 335 Duval Street (11am-11pm)

KWest Liquors, 705 Duval Street (open 10a-11p)

Leather Master, 418 Appelrouth Lane (open 11a-11p)

The Restaurant Store, 1111 Eaton Street (open 10a-6p)

The Salty Angler, 1114 Duval Street (open 11a-11p)
[and you can use your card at the bar!]

Are there exclusions, for example: top shelf or frozen drinks?

The Key West Bar Card applies almost all cocktails, beers or glass of wine.
(This is at the discretion of the individual bars.)

Can I use the Bar Card at more than one bar during a given day?

Yes. For example, you could use it for a 2-for-1 cocktail at lunchtime at Bar ‘X’ then use it in the evening at Bar ‘Y’, and so on¦

Is the Bar Card really good for the entire calendar year?

Yes. It may be used once per bar, per day whenever you visit our bars, through 12/30/2017.
(There are, however, Three Blackout Dates: The Friday & Saturday of Fantasy Fest 10/27/17 & 10/28/17 & New Year’s Eve 12/31/17.)

We read online that you do buy one, get one deals on the Bar Cards. Do you have any sales coming up?

Why we have done this in the past, when the Bar Card was new, we tend not to run them anymore just because we have some really great bars on the card. You can easily make your investment back after 2 or 3 stops on the card.

I’m only going to be in town for the weekend.

The Bar Card should easily ‘pay for itself on day one. For example, if you go to Sunset Pier & Island Dogs [which are located 1 block from each other] and order any of their signature cocktails, you can save over $20 for a $20 investment in one stop!

Can they be purchased in bulk?

Yes. The Bar Card is a perfect gift for your wedding party or conference group. Contact us for discounts on orders of 25 Bar Cards or more.

Why doesn’t my concierge have the Bar Card?

No idea. Suggest to them that they contact us and become a Bar Card agent.

Is the Bar Card card transferable?

No. The Bar Card is good only for the person whose name has been printed on signature strip on the back of the card and must be presented with a matching ID.
(Print Big; make it easy for your bartender.)

Restaurant Card Frequently Asked Questions / Simple Rules

The Card is good for “10% of ANY meal?”


Are there any exclusions,?

Yes. The discount does not apply to liquor, tax, or gratuity and can not be combined with any other offer [including the Key West Bar Card.

Can I use it at more than one restaurant in a day?

Yes. Use if for breakfast. Use it for lunch. Use it for dinner, etc.

Is the card really good for the entire calendar year?

Yes. It may be used whenever you visit our restaurants, through 12/31/2015.

But I’m only going to be in town for the weekend.

The card can easily pay for itself in just day one.

Is the restaurant card transferable?

No. The card is good ONLY for the person whose name has been PRINTED on the back of the card and must be presented with a matching ID.

Be sure to be appropriately kind to your server and bartenders.