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Buy Us A Beer.


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Buy Us A Beer.

It’s been a rough end to 2017 in Key West. But, we’re making the best of it, so for the rest of the year we’re giving away free Restaurant Cards or Back Stage Pass Cards with any Bar Card purchased. You can also get all 3 cards for only $27!

We’re also going to throw this up here for anybody that would like to ‘Buy Us A Beer.’ Ironically, we’re not going to buy beer with it, but it’ll help us get over a month of pretty much no income in this slightly expensive town.

Here’s also a list of some great, local products produced by some of the best people we know in Key West. And we’re not good at the math, but there’s probably over 150 years of Key West livin’ between this group.

1. 2018 Florida Keys Calendar made by Rob O’Neal. It’s Rob-O-Riffic!
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2. Awesome F’n Dog Collar & Kerchief made by Roger Schaal
Your dog will freak out! (in a good way) visit his website below or stop by his Dogmobile at the corner Eaton and Duval.
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